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Denis Diderot. (Academic Classical Figure) Encyclopedie ou Dictionnaire raisonne… Paris: 1751-76. $1,200.00

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Plate XVIII “Dessin Figure Academique”

Denis Diderot (French 1713-1784) was a philosopher and man of letters who served as the chief editor of Encyclopedie ou Dictionnaire raisonne des sciences, des arts et des metiers, par une societe de gens de lettres a large, expansive and influential work published in Paris between 1751 and 1776 . Considered one of the principal works of the Age of Enlightenment, Diderot’s encyclopedia was packed with copper plate engravings that detailed all manner of life, including engineering, mechanics, marine subjects, anatomical subjects, animals, minerals, agriculture textiles, iron working, etc. It was a truly influential and important reference work.

Original antique engraving from the 18th century French encyclopedia titled Encyclopédie, ou dictionnaire raisonné des sciences, des arts et des métiers (Encyclopedia, or a Systematic Dictionary of the Sciences, Arts, and Crafts). This 17 volume work which included 11 volumes of engravings was the masterwork of Denis Diderot (1713-1784) a French philosopher, art critic, writer and prominent scholar during the Enlightenment. Diderot's encyclopedia was published in France between 1751-1772 with later supplements, revised editions and translations. The encyclopedia with its accompanying engraved plates was quite a publishing accomplishment and was highly popular in its day, as it detailed in text and pictures so many disparate things including the natural history world, the human body, instruction and details on marine and military maneuvers, printmaking, textile manufacturing, agriculture, and animal husbandry, etc. Today the plates are highly valued as a record of techniques and vocations of 18th century life.

Copperplate engraving on laid paper with modern hand color.
Archivally decoratively framed measuring 22 x 17 inches finished size.
Excellent condition.